Providing Workforce Solutions to Nursing and Care Homes

National Care Network is a provider of temporary and permenent Registered Nurses, Senior Health Care Workers, Health Care Workers & Support Workers to Nursing, Care and Residential Healthcare Establishments.

Our Workforce Services

Evaluation of Your Requirements

Our Recruitment Consultants and Regional Managers are trained to assist you in finding lasting solutions to your Nursing or Care Home workforce requirements. By discussing the needs of your residents our service team are able to put in place solutions that will provide regular and reliable staffing tailored to your needs.

Routine Quality Calls

Our service team will call you regularly to ensure the quality of our health care professionals meets our quality standards and your expectations. We also put in place regular visits by our Regional Managers to your home to monitor and ensure you are happy with our staff.

Rota Manangement

Our Office based Service Team is trained to help you manage your staffing rota. Members of the team can ensure you continuity of supply of your regular workers so that they will blend into the daily routines of your home.

24 Hour Service

Our 24 Hour service includes all bank holidays and there will always be someone at the end of the phone to assist you regardless of the time of day or night. National Care Network are committed to you and your residents and provide a service that matches your expectations.

A Reliable Workforce

National Care Network have in plkace policies and procedures that ensure our staff are reliable and are committed to your residents care. They are made aware of the consequences of not fulfilling their shifts both on our reputation and the effect on the smooth running of your home. Should our staff not meet your and our expected standards we have measures in place to either improve their performance and standard of work.

Team Work

Team work is essential to the efficient running of our services to you. We work hand in hand with you to ensure we get it right first time and if not we we will work with you and your teams to get it right. We are here to help you run an outstanding care home that both you and we are proud of.

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What You Need to Know About Inducting Our Staff

Although all our healthcare professionals have experience and training there are still things you need to do to get the best from them. Below we have listed the minimum we expect them to receive on their first shift.


Introductory Home Tour

We expect your nominated nurse or carer to be shown around your home so that they can familiarise themselves with where everything is. Introductions to their manager or supervisor as well as tghe trest of your team will make them feel at home. If possdible introduce them to the residents they will be caring for.


Emergency Procedures

Familiarise them with your emergency procedures and make sure they know your fire and evacuation procedures. Nurses especially will need briefing fully on what they must do in the event of a medical or other emergency and who to contact. 


Residents Needs and a Thorough Handover

All our workers work better when they know of any special requirements or needs of your residents. This should be conveyed to them through a handover with the team they will be working with. 

“If our staff are inducted properly they will be better able to assist in the smooth running of the home and provide the standard of care to your residents you expect “

Craig Banks

Regional Mananger

Better Care in Your Care Home is our  Mission

24/7 service.

0330 1758294

The Town Hall Business Centre, High Street East, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear NE28 7AT