Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Do you provide Sponsorship for Overseas workers?

Unfortunately as an employment business we are not able to apply for a sponsorship license and therefore cannot offer sponsorship to overseas nurses.

What type of Healthcare Establishments to you do yiou supply?

We supply Nursing Homes, Care Homes and other Residential settings.

Are you CQC Registered?

As an employment business we are not required to be CQC registered but all our staff are put through the recruitment and training that is recommended for CQC registered businersses.

Do you require experience to be accepted for a role with National Care Network?

Yes you will need at least 3 months equivalent work experience as a minimum. Our clients specify the experience they require in our staff before accepting them into their homes.

How do you pay your workers? Do you use Umbrella Companies?

All our workers are paid through our payroll company. We do not use Umbrella companies to pay you. We only deduct Tax and NI and any overpayments that we are legally entitled to do from your pay. We do not charge service fees as other employment or agency businesses do.

Will I get Paid Holidays?

Yes we pay holidays based on the hours you work as you accrue them.

What type of contract will I be given?

Our workforce are given Contract for Service Agreements due to the nature of the work we do. This enables you the flexibility of when you work and you have the right to say yes or no to any work we offer you. We believe this will lead to a better work life balance for you.

Will I have to wear a Uniform or pay for my DBS?

We expect our workers to be presentable when representing our business and we provide branded tunics or polo shirts to our workers depending on the role they are employed for. We do not charge for these garments. 

We do not charge for your first DBS but we do not pay for you to register with the update service. We do encourage you to enrol with the update service as this simplifies the DBS renewal process.

About Our Services

Temporary Staffing

We supply registered nurses (RG’s, RMNs and RNLD’s with clinical skills who can work in or manage care teams in Nursing and Care Homes.

We supply Senior Care staff to Care Homes that are predominanatly residential and do not need the servisces of a Registered Nurse.

We supply Health Care Assistants to both nursing and residential Homes.

We supply Support Workers to Supported Living establishments.

Shifts vary from establishment to establishment but are generally 12 hour shifts from 8am to 8pm.

One to One Care

We have established a reputation for one to one care when a resident requests that service. This service may require a team of carers to ensure the safety of the resident or ensure they are provided with the care they require. Either way we have the expertise to supply carers that can care solely for one individual.

Adult Care

We only supply nursing and care homes that provide care for adults. We do not provide staff to childrens care establishments at present.

Supported Living

We supply support workers to residential establishment to support the lives of the residents living there. This may be to assist them with daily tasks or to be on hand should they require any help with fulfilling their ambitions and to do the things they want. This may include accompanying them on outside activities in the general community.

Hospital Care

We do not currently supply the NHS with staffing. This is something we aspire to do in the future. 

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